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Is this Manchester United’s new home kit?

Images of United’s 2019/20 home kit may have leaked online

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
This isn’t it, obviously.

It’s that time of year, lads and ladies. The time that we have all been looking forward to for the entire season. No, not the business end of the season where the really good teams are challenging for league titles and shiny cup wins. Manchester United threw the chances of that away when they somehow failed to launch José Mourinho from a cannon last summer. Instead, we have something almost as good to savor: a new home kit!

Well, maybe.

In keeping with tradition, an iffy image of United’s rumored new home kit has leaked online, months before it is likely revealed over the summer. In the above kit, the modified badge is probably paying homage to the badge on the 1998/99 treble season kit. Not much can be done about the dreadful Chevrolet logo, unfortunately.

What do we think of the design? The black badge? How soon can we pre-order a “SANCHO 7?” Let us know in the comments below.