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Manchester United want £120 million for Pogba

Because he’s worth it

Manchester United v Chelsea FC - Premier League
Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Manchester United have set their asking price for Paul Pogba, according to reports.

The Mirror runs a story that says that United are reluctant to sell the player, but before any decision to actually let him go, any club will have to pay £120 million to convince handsome executive Ed Woodward to let him go.

You have to imagine that it is his marketing value that is convincing Woodward to hold out for such a figure, because there have not been four consecutive months in his time at United where he has ever looked like he was worth that much money. He has been a study in apathy. While there is some sympathy for anyone who simply cannot be bothered to work if they can get away with it, it is something of a shame to see such clear talent wasted by such an absent attitude.

Pogba has reportedly been in touch with Real Madrid over a possible summer move and could presumably secure an increase on his roughly £280,000-a-week deal should he complete a move. United would also be able to spend money on two midfielders who could do at least three of the following: passing, shooting, tackling, running, and not being a complete bawbag.

Romelu Lukaku has also been linked with a move away and could join either Inter Milan or Juventus. United could then replace him with a player able to trap the ball and who also weighs something closer to the average of a professional footballer. Ander Herrera can do one an’ all.