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Gary Neville confident United can sign players

He’s very optimistic about United when he isn’t redeveloping land for his own ends.

Manchester United ‘99 Legends v FC Bayern Legends
Red Nev
Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Former Manchester United defender, Sky Sports talker, and Manchester planning permission expert Gary Neville has said that he thanks that his old club can still sign players despite being out of the Champions League.

Even though United have a manager with no proven ability to manage at top level football, and with a complete failure like Ed Woodward managing the transfers after years of farces, and the fact that the squad is stuffed with overpaid mediocrity, Neville sees no reason why they cannot recruit decent players, despite everything in the start of this sentence.

Speaking after a nostalgic kickabout to celebrate Manchester United being good two decades ago, but not now, Neville said:

“I think United can still attract top-end players because we’ve seen good players come to the club over the last six or seven years,” said Neville, failing to name any actually decent players.

“This club will never move away from being a sensational football club. It will have difficult moments, and it’s having a difficult time.

”The money in the game now means you’re always in competition. The club has lost players when it’s successful to Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

“Lost (Arjen) Robben to Chelsea in the mid-2000s, we lost (Samir) Nasri to City. Don’t always think that when Sir Alex Ferguson was here it didn’t happen.

“This club lost players when it was successful to some of the biggest clubs in Europe that are competing with United.

”Don’t think that if United lose players now to Barcelona that this is the first time it’s ever happened, it’s happened before.

”It’s not because of the current plight, or the coach, or the manager, or the current players, it just happens sometimes. It happened during successful times too.”

And with that, we get to the end of the story. Bye.