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Premier League fixtures 2019/20: United begin against Chelsea!?

Next season’s Premier League fixtures are here, and it’s a tricky opener for Manchester United.

Manchester United v Reading - FA Cup Third Round Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Well, in with a bang, and all that. Manchester United will kick off their 2019/20 Premier League season with a home game against fellow Big Sixers Chelsea. They will be the last teams to play on the opening weekend, late on Sunday afternoon, and one can only imagine the glee in Sky Sports’ studios when those particular balls came out of the bag.

Of course, experts are already queuing up to declare “Look, we’ve got no idea what these two teams will look like”, and “It’s barely June, put your predicted XIs away and enjoy the World Cup. But regardless, that’s a tricky start, and it’s followed immediately by a trip to Molineux to play Wolverhampton Wanderers. Manchester United did not enjoy that trip last season. At all.

It’s going to be fine. It’s going to be fine. It’s going to be fine.

Beyond the first couple of weeks things get a little hazy, as we don’t yet have television’s interference to look at, and the Europa League will move at least six Saturdays to Sundays. But other provisional dates of interest include September 28, when Arsenal visit Old Trafford, and October 19, when Liverpool do the same.

December starts with a bang, as United play Spurs at home on the 3rd, a Tuesday evening, then City away the following Saturday. Boxing Day is a home game, Newcastle, so that’s nice and convenient, but New Year’s Day is Arsenal away. Liverpool away is also a January game, Saturday 18th. Going to be a tricky winter.

The home derby comes on March 7, followed immediately by a trip to Tottenham. But April and March are — as far as we know at this stage — completely Big Six three, which should provide a nice smooth path for whichever poor sap gets tapped up to replace the broken shell that was once Ole Gunnar Solskjaer United’s glorious charge to no. 21. Glory glory!

Full fixtures are over on United’s website, if you want to make a detailed plan that will be soon be torn to pieces by the whims of television executives.