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Manchester United launch new away kit

United have opted for a ‘savannah-toned’ away kit.

Perth Glory v Manchester United Photo by James Worsfold/Getty Images

Manchester United have launched their away kit for the forthcoming season, worn for the first time in yesterday’s 2-0 friendly victory over Perth Glory. The unusual kit is described on United’s website as “savannah-toned”, and bears an “intricate patterned design, that takes its inspiration from the many mosaics that adorn the streets of Manchester’s creative district, the Northern Quarter.”

Continuing the PR bumf, the United website reads:

Standing out with a new colour palette, the striking new away shirt continues to blur the lines between sport and style, blending both cultures in to a single piece of design, which will of course be seen during our away trips in 2019/20. Influenced by the unique artwork of the Northern Quarter, the city is embedded deep within the design as the base colour is overlaid with a subtle pattern.

The idea of a nod to Manchester’s culture in the kit is certainly nice, even if you’d never notice by looking at it. But then again, we’re just suckers emotionally manipulated by the corporate machine.