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Player Ratings: Arsenal 2-0 Manchester United

We managed to give one player a 5

Arsenal FC v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images


De Gea: 5/10

Not much more he could have done about the goals, but looked as lost and shaky as the rest of the team did at times.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka: 4/10

No question about his effort today, but not sharp enough closing down early. Also lacking when in possession, and didn’t execute well in his crossing.

Victor Lindelöf: 3/10

Weak first half performance across the back line proved costly, and the inability to control the middle was a big part of that. Sloppy marking and miscommunication galore.

Harry Maguire: 3/10

See above, and continues to disappoint on set pieces.

Luke Shaw: 2/10

The most obvious culprit on the two goals. Struggled marking Nicolas Pépé and just looked generally overwhelmed for most of the first half. Settled a bit as Arsenal began to sit back more, but didn’t contribute going forward.

Nemanja Matić: 4/10

Left standing on the first goal with Pépé and Özil in space. Other than that wasn’t too bad, and was useful in possession, but doesn’t really offer much at this stage.

Fred: 4/10

Struggled to carry the weight in midfield with a useless Lingard and mostly immobile holding partner. Still put in the work to win back possession and create chances, but it wasn’t nearly enough to make an impact.

Jesse Lingard: 1/10

Awful today. He squandered some decent counter attacking chances early, and his careless passing wasted what good runs Martial and Rashford managed to make.

Marcus Rashford: 3/10

Not good enough from Rashford today. Looked lost at times, didn’t work hard to get involved, and his link up play was severely lacking. Settled down in the second half a bit.

Daniel James: 3/10

Looked as lost as the rest of the front line. Not all his fault, but when he was involved he did very little to improve the situation.

Anthony Martial: 5/10

Martial made more of an effort to get things going in the second half, but didn’t have a good first half at all.


Andreas Pereira: 4/10

Made some decent passes, but didn’t turn into a positive change for United.

Mason Greenwood: 4/10

Didn’t make an impact, but better at linking up than Lingard was.

Juan Mata: N/A

No impact.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: 1/10

One of Manchester United’s worst performances of the season. Arsenal didn’t really do much special to take the lead other than take advantage of a team that looked to be in shambles defensively. They were able to play out the match on cruise control as United failed to get anything going offensively. Ole’s subs were ineffective, midfield was a disaster, and even a normally reliable front 3 was severely out of sync. Not sure there was any game plan from the shape of the team, and questionable starting selections like Lingard and Shaw proved to be costly.