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Player Ratings: Manchester City 0-1 Manchester United

Somehow United won, but it wasn’t enough. Here are the player ratings on the day.

Manchester City v Manchester United - Carabao Cup: Semi Final Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images


David De Gea: 9/10

Vintage De Gea. Several key saves against a City team that somehow didn’t score on the day. Clean sheet wasn’t enough to get to Wembley, but it was certainly the best individual effort on the day.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka: 6/10

Did some good work on Raheem Sterling again, but still very lacking going forward. Needs to improve on the ball.

Victor Lindelof: 6/10

Sent scrambling several times by City’s attacking movement, but overall a decent performance against an overwhelming opponent.

Harry Maguire: 7/10

Same case as Lindelof, and did some very good cover work in front of goal. Had a really poor giveaway in the second half, but ultimately recovered and saved a goal. Contributed well to possession, and won a free kick in a great position, but he did miss a key chance to equalize on aggregate.

Luke Shaw: 5/10

Struggled mightily at times, especially dealing with Aguero, but his fellow defenders and De Gea were good help.

Nemanja Matic: 5/10

What an eventful day. A player who may win a “most useless player” fan poll was one of United’s better players today. He scored a goal to give his side hope in the first half, and was a pretty calming presence in possession. However, he made some rash tackles, and was sent off for 2 yellow cards late in the second half. This put United in a horrible position as they pushed for an equalizer, and never looked much like scoring again.

Fred: 6/10

High energy in midfield, but lacking in key passes. Wasted a free kick that Mata should have taken late.

Jesse lingard: 2/10

Very poor yet again. Gave the ball away a lot, and even Ole was furious with him. Subbed off for Andreas Pereira.

Brandon Williams: 6/10

Calm and disciplined performance in defense but didn’t make a big impact going forward on the wing. To be fair though, neither did anyone else.

Mason Greenwood: 3/10

Limited opportunities, and subbed off at half-time. Hopefully a tactical move and no more injuries to worry about.

Anthony Martial: 4/10

Ineffective for most of the game. When he did get involved he had very little help, and forced to try some ill fated attempts.


Daniel James: 5/10

Tried to introduce some energy to the side, and put City in a difficult spot a couple times, but ultimately didn’t get very good service and didn’t provide any of his own.

Juan Mata: 5/10

Gave the ball away on a foul throw and for some reason let Fred take a crucial late free kick right in his own range.

Andreas Pereira: 4/10

Ran about but did nothing to positively influence the match.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: 4/10

Could argue that Ole did about as well as he could with the lineup, but Playing 2 attackers at the expense of another midfielder may have been costly. The overwhelmed group found no sense of control against City, and Matic was ultimately sent off for fouls to prevent break aways. Lingard was useless, and subbing on Pereira to improve upon that uselessness was an odd decision. First leg mistakes proved very costly, and United’s first chance at a cup is now gone.