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Player Ratings: Manchester United 5-0 RB Leipzig

Fred was excellent, and Rashford had a world class cameo

Manchester United v RB Leipzig: Group H - UEFA Champions League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images


David de Gea: 6/10

What do you want here? Higher? He made the two saves (if that) he had to make but overall really didn’t have much to do. 7? 8? 10? Come on.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka: 8/10

Wan-Bissaka was... Wan-Bissaka. Took care of his flank and didn’t allow any threats down it. A seven seems too low given that the reason he didn’t stand out is because we’re so accustomed to these performances from him.

Victor Lindelöf: 8/10

Didn’t give Leipzig anything. Exceptional at committing tactical fouls near midfield to nip any potential counter attacks before they started.

Harry Maguire: 8/10

Boy he’s sure turned around after that red card for England huh?

Luke Shaw: 8/10

Industrious down that left side, getting up and down the pitch. You think the arrival of Alex Telles has affected his form? Shaw’s crosses in the first half were basically all of Manchester United’s creativity. They weren’t good crosses, but they were more dangerous than he usually provides.

Fred: 10/10

Fred’s industrious play to clog up the middle and be able to get out wide on the wing is the key to making the diamond work. His passing in the first half was a little off but overall he was fantastic.

Nemanja Matić: 9/10

Brings a stability to midfield that no one else does. His ability to read the game is exceptional.

Paul Pogba: 8/10

Started in his preferred left of midfield and was back to his usual self. Justly rewarded with an assist.

Donny van de Beek: 7/10

Off the ball work rate was fantastic in leading United’s press. A little too passive on the ball though, constantly looking to go backwards.

Anthony Martial: 6/10

Didn’t offer much for the first hour of the game. After Bruno’s arrival he suddenly became extremely dangerous. Made the extra pass in the box a few too many times but won a penalty and got off the mark.

Mason Greenwood: 6/10

His finish on the first goal showed why you want him in the team. Everything else he did (or didn’t do) showed why he’s not there every week. Failed to provide an outlet when breaking the press. When he did get the ball he often went square or backwards... right back into Leipzig’s press, making it extremely difficult for United to keep possession and forcing them to spend most of the first half defending.


Scott McTominay: 9/10

Was even better tonight than he was against PSG last week. On the ball he looked like the McTominay from the last 20 minutes of the Newcastle match. Let’s see more of this McTominay.

Marcus Rashford: 10/10

Came off the bench and scored a hat trick. You want more? Oh well, he's feeding kids throughout the UK too.

Bruno Fernandes: 9/10

His arrival transitioned United from controlling the game to attacking the game. United are good when Bruno is on the pitch. They’re good when Pogba is on the pitch. They’re on another level with both of them on the pitch.

Axel Tuanzebe: N/A

Saved Wan-Bissaka’s legs 10 minutes of running. Got a good run out and hope to see him against Arsenal.

Edinson Cavani: N/A

Had good work rate but didn’t get involved much. Good finish for a goal, but offside, though in fairness the way the play developed he never really had a chance of staying onside.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: 9/10

All the talk coming into the match about Julian Nagelsmann being one of the best young managers in Europe and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer showed him respect by treating him exactly like he treats Pep Guardiola. By beating his ass. Tactically United were brilliant, completely neutralizing all of Leipzig’s threats. When attacking up the middle didn’t work, Nagelsmann didn’t have a backup plan. Ole did, once again changing the match with his subs and this time running away with it.

Coming off a 6-1 loss Ole had a tough job ahead of him. He’s responded by bolstering the defense (only conceding own goals) and winning three out of four. He’s built up some depth to this team, and he rotated the squad well tonight giving him very fresh players for Arsenal on Sunday.