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Player Ratings: Manchester United 1-0 Wolves

What a lovely way to end a dreadful game

Manchester United v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League Photo by Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images


David De Gea: 8/10

David De Gea looked sharp today. Manchester United got some classic De Gea saves from the no. 1 today, though a couple ended up being offside anyway. Very good performance and kept a clean sheet, though again looked a bit hobbled.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka: 6/10

A decent test for Wan-Bissaka against Ait-Nouri. They battled fairly evenly most of the night, and though Wan-Bissaka got forward more, the Wolves wing back kept Wan-Bissaka well under watch today.

Eric Bailly: 6/10

As nerve-racking as he can be, Bailly cleaned up nicely at the back today. Had a pretty scary giveaway in the first half, but recovered well. Stopped some counter attacks too.

Harry Maguire: 7/10

Calm, organized performance from Maguire against a pretty lively Wolves attack. Kept a good line for the offside trap, recovered against the counter well, and looked good on the ball playing out from the back and moving the ball forward.

Alex Telles: 6/10

Telles was decent in the first half, but couldn’t play the right ball in from the left going forward. Pulled at the half in favor of Shaw.

Nemanja Matic: 6/10

Slow and steady still a useful contributor in midfield. Lacked pace recovering defensively, but otherwise a decent performance as a defensive screen.

Paul Pogba: 6/10

Not a great performance, but he tried his best to be creative and force things to happen throughout. Had a decent shot at goal in the second half.

Bruno Fernandes: 7/10

Like Pogba, tried tirelessly to make things happen, but was quite frustrated with how difficult it was to break through this Wolves side. He kept trying though, and was the one that played the ball over the top that led to Rashford’s late winner.

Mason Greenwood: 5/10

Tried to force things a few times. Dropped back to get involved, but didn’t aid the offensive effort in doing so. Had a good cross into Bruno Fernandes on United’s best clear cut chance of the game.

Edinson Cavani: 5/10

Good energy from Cavani, but lacked composure and synchronicity with teammates. Seemed to be just a bit out of sync in the build up to potential chances.

Marcus Rashford: 8/10

Looked out of it for much of the game, but came up with the goods late by forcing something to happen. Looked exhausted, but had enough to make one last run, timed it well to be onside, and shot into the crowd to produce a deflected goal to win it in stoppage time.


Anthony Martial: 6/10

Like his teammates, struggled to find a way through the Wolves back line. Had a positive cameo however, and provided some life to the attack. Front 3 of Martial-Cavani-Rashford shows promise.

Luke Shaw: 6/10

Curious half-time change. Started the half very sharp, but looked weary towards the end.

Scott McTominay: N/A

Came on after the goal, and sure looked ready for the last minute or so.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: 6/10

Solskjaer probably could have managed the game better, but for the most part he set up the side well today. Put out a strong team with both Pogba and Bruno Fernandes, built to try and break down an opponent in possession, but the result was what we’ve seen between these two sides for about three seasons now. Defensively United were up to the task of a pretty lively, counter attacking Wolves front line, and Bailly fit in well as a replacement for Lindelof. His half-time change was a bit odd, unless Telles suffered an injury, but he did bring on Martial at a good time. In the end United won by not giving up and forcing something to happen, and are now sitting in 2nd place in the Premier League table, just two points behind leaders Liverpool.

They needed a bit of luck as well, but what team has won anything without it?