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The Busby Babe Coronavirus Cocktail Guide

Bottoms up

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Three please.
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Following on from the rousing success of our recipe guide, the Busby Babe has recovered from its collective hangover long enough to plan its course of action for next couple of weeks.

Before the real pain sets in, of course, the trick is to embrace the hair of the dog. To put off until tomorrow what you cannot face today, the next move is to find a straightener. A pre-prandial, and anti-fogmatic in the time of phlegm.

To that end, the Busby Babe has considered five cocktails that should be made with only a few ingredients, to reduce the chances of having to venture outside.

Of course, if you’re actually ill and not just self-isolating, please do not be daft enough to do anything but sit in your bed, drink plenty of non-alcoholic drinks, and make sure you get your five a day.

Otherwise, here they are:


Just now we were reminded that we had made a grave omission when compiling this list, and so we are installing the Caipirinha at the top of the list.

Unless you’re locked in completely, it should be easy to get your hands on everything you need: Cachaca, lime and sugar. It’ll rot your teeth and your brain, but what a way to do it.

Don’t worry if you don’t have cachaca, which is still a tad niche, as some rum (discussed further below) is an adequate substitute in these times.


Recipe here.

Gin Martini

The gin martini tastes far nicer than a vodka one, because it doesn’t have any vodka in it. Add vermouth to taste (a small but not infinitesimally small amount) as you practice, and make sure the glass and spirit is ice cold. From the fridge, get an olive or two, and plop it in on a stick in the end. You could use citrus, but you might find it more helpful for other drinks to come.

Recipe here.

Ti Punch

A couple of measures of rum, a quarter/third a much sugar syrup (you can make that yourself), and a lime slice/zest/measure of any citrus you have to hand in an emergency. This recipe is doubly useful as it allows you to use up any leftover overproof rum post-crisis - overproof spirits of course can be used as a disinfectant in a pinch.

Recipe here.


Half gin, half lime juice/cordial, according to some people, but you can alter the ratio of mixer to spirit according to your psychological desire to be horizontal or vertical, so adjust according to your outlook and prognosis. A Tom Collins is a similar idea, but you can use lemon, syrup and soda water.

Recipe here - Tom Collins

Recipe here - Gimlet

Cheap whiskey, ginger beer

If you’re running low on supplies and finances, some fire-starting whiskey coupled with ginger beer will be enjoyably fiery rather than exposing you to vomit-inducing cheap brown liquor.

Recipe here

And for when this is all over, the French Pearl with an exciting addition.

The classic French Pearl is a pastis-and-gin accelerator, but if you’re ready to celebrate freedom and your health in a month or two, then open up the champagne and add some bubbles to increase the verve of the day.

French Pearl (sans champagne) recipe here.