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The best commercials featuring Manchester United players

Nobody, nobody sells themselves better than Manchester United!

Corporate partnerships have gotten a bit dull in recent years for Manchester United fans, but not all ads have been duds. Here are some of the staff’s favorites from recent years.

New Kit 2014/15

Technically an ad for Manchester United, but an ad all the same. The Chevrolet logo may look hideous on a shirt, but they sold it superbly by pulling at the fans’ heart strings. The ad shows a steadily growing crowd of supporters through the years, marching down Sir Matt Busby Way to Old Trafford and singing Glory Glory all the way. It was an expertly crafted ad coming off arguably one of the most difficult seasons in club history.

Casillero del Diablo

United players dressed in suits lounging around looking classy? Wayne Rooney posing and staring out the window as a bottle of Chilean wine lands on the Old Trafford pitch like a fireball? Groundskeepers that are just as confused as the viewer? Look no further than this ad here, which notched Ryan Giggs and Rooney their first Oscar nominations for Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor respectively.


One from the archives, featuring Manchester United and Real Madrid players (and Rivaldo as an outlaw for some reason) from the 2002/03 season facing off in an Old West showdown. David Beckham gets the better of (soon to be teammate!) Iker Casillas, and wins a bucket of ice cold Pepsi for his boys.

Turkish Airlines

A fun kickabout mid-flight for the 2010/11 side featuring skills from several squad favorites, and a cameo from club legend Sir Bobby Charlton, who is saved from a potential headache by goalkeeping GOAT Edwin Van Der Sar. And yes, that is Bebe.


This ad portrays that one dream we all keep having where we win a penalty shootout with Wayne Rooney and Manchester United, only through the eyes of Deadpool as part of the club’s partnership with 20th Century Fox. It’s certainly a better ad than the X-Men Apocalypse one, even if it doesn’t show off Rooney’s acting chops quite as much.

Nike — JOGA TV

This one takes the cake. Eric Cantona intro/outro, Sir Alex cameo, Superkeeper Wayne Rooney, and even a Tim Howard goal. It’s an ad that takes the viewer to a United training session at Carrington where Rooney, frustrated with his side in a scrimmage, takes over at goalkeeper to show everyone what a bit of heart can do for your game.

See one of your favorites missing? Share it in the comments below!