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Manchester United still in hot pursuit of Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish

Despite his recent off-field incident, United still want him in the summer

Aston Villa Training Session Photo by Neville Williams/Aston Villa FC via Getty Images

Despite Aston Villa’s superstar Jack Grealish being in the news, not for his stellar play on the field, but for breaking a mandatory stay at home order and subsequently getting in a wreck after a night of partying, Manchester United are still in hot pursuit of his talents in the summer.

After the incident, Grealish issued an apology shortly after, saying:

“I just say how deeply embarrassed I am about what has happened this weekend. I got a call off a friend asking to go round to his. I stupidly agreed to do so. I obviously don’t want anyone else to do the same, so I urge everyone to stay at home and follow the rules and guidelines. I know for a fact that’s what I will be doing now.”

That apology was apparently enough for United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who is a fan of the soon-to-be England international and has encouraged executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward to keep the pressure on Villa with regard to his availability in the summer.

According to ESPN, the same inquiry was made in January during the winter transfer window but with Villa sitting mid-table, the request was denied.

Fast forward a few weeks and Villa find themselves sitting deep in the relegation zone and with the uncertainty of what will happen with the remainder of the season, combined with United’s eagerness, Villa might be a little more open to offers for the 24-year-old.

Grealish is under contract until 2023, but United staff expect transfer fees to drop worldwide once matches start back after the coronavirus stoppage, and feel the £60 million pricetag for Grealish will be a lot lower once teams know what will happen with the summer transfer window.

EuroSport France’s Manu Lonjon is even going as far as saying an offer is in the works and United are finalizing a deal.

Having faith in United’s recruitment system, Solskjaer is confident that United will and have done their due diligence regarding Grealish’s life off the pitch.

The Villa captain is expected to get into Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions squad soon and has seven league goals and six assists in 26 appearances this term.