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Pereira keen to finish corona-hit season

Andreas Pereira wants to complete the season with Manchester United

LASK v Manchester United - UEFA Europa League Round of 16: First Leg
Here he is.
Photo by UEFA - Handout/UEFA via Getty Images

Manchester United midfielder Andreas Pereira wants to complete the Premier League season despite the interruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The season was postponed in March until the end of April, but with no resolution to the virus in sight in England, with death tolls increasing each day and only a delayed and partial lockdown put in place by the government, the problems seem likely to get worse first.

There have been suggestions that the Premier League are aiming to complete the season over the course of June and July in order to meet contractual demands, and avoid being sued by the broadcasters who hold rights to the games. The government is keen to get the games going again in order to entertain a nation that is starved of activity.

Such a thing could only go ahead if they would not place undue stress on the health and other essential services in the country, and Pereira is just one player who wants to get things over and done with.

He said: “For me, I want to finish the season as quickly as possible,” he told ESPN. “I understand it’s a difficult time now and the health of people is more important.

”But I would like to finish the season, even if it means in a week playing a game every day. I want to finish the season. It will be a bad feeling if we have to void the season.”

“I think we could cope,” he continued. “If you see now, everybody has had a lot of rest, we have recovered, players who were injured are coming back.

”We have big squad and we can deal with games, two days in a row or maybe every two days. I don’t think it will be a problem. It would be difficult to accept that the season is void.”