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Manchester United will continue paying part-time staff full salaries

Other Premier League clubs have furloughed staff and taken government assistance

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Sport Coronavirus - Thursday 19th March Photo by Martin Rickett/PA Images via Getty Images

Unlike other Premier League clubs, Manchester United just emailed an estimated 900 non-playing staff that they will not be losing their jobs and will be paid their regular pay, even though football has stopped for the foreseeable future.

Premier League clubs, like many businesses in England, had the option to receive government assistance in the form of taxpayer dollars to fund day to day operations, resulting in potential furlough of non-essential staff members.

In an email this morning from Ed Woodward, United’s executive vice-chairman, employees were told that they are still employed with full pay.

Teams like Liverpool, Tottenham, Newcastle, Norwich, and Bournemouth all signed up for the government scheme and as expected announced part-time employees will be losing their jobs.

(Update: Liverpool have decided against using taxpayers money and are following United’s lead and not furloughing non-playing staff saying they are “truly sorry” for their original decision)

This announcement comes on the heels of striker Marcus Rashford announcing that he has raised over £20 million to help feed Manchester area school children and Manchester United players agreeing to a 30% pay cut and having that money donated to local hospitals fighting the coronavirus outbreak.