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Manchester United Foundation donates £300,000 to partner schools

The money will go towards helping vulnerable families through the coronavirus lockdown.


Manchester United appear to be rising to the coronavirus challenge. Having refused to follow other Premier League clubs in furloughing full-time staff members, they’ve now announced that they’re donating £300,000 to the Manchester United Foundation’s partner schools, which will then be parcelled out to help the most vulnerable families through the lockdown.

In a press release, the Foundation said that the “Family Support Donations are to be used for food, clothing, energy, medication, IT equipment and other essentials and hope to alleviate some of the challenges currently faced by some families.” It’s another good news story for the club, who appear to be using the crisis to do genuine good for the local community—even if £300,000 remains a drop in the ocean for a business of United’s size.

The story has been released amid news that United have recalled players currently abroad back to the UK, as the Premier League becomes increasingly desperate in its search for a way to complete the season. Four club doctors have reportedly expressed concern about proposals to resume top-flight football while a hapless government continues to dither in its attempts to curb the virus’s spread.