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Manchester United makes vague, meaningless gesture against “hatred”

Keep it

No to hats?

What is Hatred supposed to mean?

Above is the sum total of Manchester United’s official comment on the ongoing global protests against police brutality and racial injustice. American-owned United are happy enough to hawk their merchandise and go on money-spinning pre-season tours of the US, but don’t let that confuse you into thinking that they care enough about life-or-death issues for those US customers. Some of you who have read this far are thinking, “keep politics out of sports.” Well, 1. No. And 2.:

United’s history of anti-racism

How many black first-team coaches have United had in their history? How many black coaches have United had anywhere in the organization that weren’t former United players? As far as I can tell, zero.

But I can tell you how many pundits have appeared on MUTV as recently as last year despite being previously caught on camera calling a black player a “f***ing lazy, thick n****r.” Just the one.

Where are Paul Pogba’s and Marcus Rashford’s teammates?

I’m tired.