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The Busby Babe Podcast: International calls!

You asked and we listened

‘Les 24 heures du Mans 1976’ in Le Mans, France on June 13, 1976. Photo by Jean-Claude FRANCOLON/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Dearest readers and listeners,

The Busby Babe Podcast is looking to increase its fan engagement, and a few weeks ago we set up a number for fan voicemails! The response has already been tremendous.

There was only one drawback. International calling fees limited who could contribute to our voicemails to listeners based in the United States. This wasn’t acceptable to us as this not only limits our pool of potential voicemails but has the potential to silence a large percentage of our listener base.

Manchester United is a global club, The Busby Babe is an international site, and our listeners have an international voice.

We’ve been trying to find the best solution for this, we’ve dropped the ball on creating a short term fix and you’ve let us hear about that. While we’re upset that we didn’t do this sooner, we’re happy to see that there is interest from our international listeners to contribute.

We’re happy to announce we’ve got a fix.

This may not be the most perfect solution — and we’ll keep looking to find one — but we hope it’ll work for the time being.

We’ll be recording our next episode prior to the Sheffield United match so send The Busby Baes your thoughts on the Spurs match or the upcoming Sheffield match. Everything is on the table.

To recap:

US callers: 616 Busby BA (1-616-287-2922)
Everyone: Email voice recordings to
*This email is only monitored by The Busby Babe podcast staff and not any of the higher ups [I don’t even have the password - Ed.], so please keep all emails podcast related.

Once again a reminder:

  • Standard messaging and data rates will apply
  • By leaving a message you consent to have your recording used on the podcast
  • Not all messages can be used each episode, but we will try our best to get to different listeners each week!