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The Tactical Minute: Nemanja Matić’s new Manchester United contract is a win-win

Matić may not be what he once was, but he’s still the best player United have in his position

Nemanja Matic Signs a Contract Extension at Manchester United Photo by Matthew Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images

Nemanja Matić’s most recent contract with Manchester United featured a club option for next season — what would have been the last year of his deal. Given his form over the past few months — and United’s lack of depth in midfield — Matić was always going to be around next year. But exercising that club option wouldn’t have been the best move for all parties.

Matić has made a complete u-turn this season, going from wanting and expecting to leave in January, to forcing himself back into Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s plans, all the way to making himself first choice. In March, negotiations began on a new contract and earlier this week it was signed.

This is good news for both the club and the player, and it’s the subject of the next Tactical Minute.

(Please excuse my deadpan appearance. I’m still getting used to a camera being in my face.)