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Manchester United in advanced talks over Jadon Sancho transfer

All that is left is to agree on payment installments and add-ons

Borussia Dortmund New Kit Single Player Action Photo by Alexandre Simoes/Borussia Dortmund via Getty Images

This is turning out to be a great Monday if you are a Manchester United fan.

First, a story about flop Alexis Sánchez being on the verge of a deal to keep him in Italy, and now reports of only minor details left in United’s pursuit of Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho.

According to multiple reports, all that is left in negotiations is both sides to agree on the structure of the transfer fee payments, with Sancho expected to sign a five-year deal soon.

The steadfast stance BVB took earlier in the season of “Sancho won’t leave for any less than £100 million” has seemingly changed to “Sancho can leave for some combination of payments that approach £100 million.” The transfer is now reported to be something close to £60-70m upfront, followed by two further add-ons (partly performance-related) totalling a maximum of £45 million.

According to the Evening Standard, United are reluctant to pay in excess of £70m for any individual player so the deferred payments and incentives might just be the piece that gets the deal signed.

As expected, teams across the world have been hit hard by the coronavirus shutdown, so that is more than likely the reason BVB are willing to lower their price for the English international.

Dortmund have also set a deadline of August 10 to get any deal done, despite the window remaining open until October 5.