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Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden dropped from England squad and fined over breach of Covid protocol

A childish mistake is proving costly for two of England’s most promising youngsters


Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden have been dropped from the England squad after breaking Covid guidelines, and will return to England as the rest of the squad prepares for its Nations League match with Denmark on Tuesday.

Greenwood and Foden were caught leaving the England team’s private area as they attempted to visit with two women they had invited to the team hotel. Due to this violation of Icelandic Covid protocol, the players have each been fined £1,300. The FA released a statement that they will be investigating the incident further, and guaranteed the Danish FA that none of the other England players have been compromised ahead of England’s clash with Denmark.

Manchester United issued this statement to the Manchester Evening News on the matter: “Manchester United are liaising with the Football Association and are disappointed with the actions of Mason Greenwood over this situation.”

This is the first worrying incident of Greenwood’s young career, and ill-timed coming just after making his England debut. It brings an unwanted distraction ahead of the 2020/21 season, and will likely cost Greenwood and Foden another England call-up over the next round of fixtures. These will be crucial for selecting the England squad ahead of Euro 2020 in Summer 2021. A childish mistake must become a learning opportunity for two of England’s brightest starlets if they are to continue their ascension as professionals at the highest level.