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Manchester United draw PSG - check that - Atletico Madrid in Champions League Round of 16

An odd thing happened at the UEFA CL draw…

UEFA Champions League 2021/22 Round of 16 Draw Photo by Richard Juilliart - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Manchester United were drawn against PSG for their UEFA Champions League round of 16 tie to be played next February and March. It’s the second consecutive time United have been paired with the team from the French capital in the round of 16 with United having failed to qualify for the knockout rounds last season and missed the competition all together in 2019-20.

It’s a draw that seemingly everyone at UEFA wants as it pits the star power of Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo in direct competition. Messi and Ronaldo have faced each other at some stage of the competition with every club they’ve played for dating back to 2008.

This pair lasted all of about 15 minutes until it was realized that United were mistakenly not made available to face Atletico Madrid when their ball had been pulled earlier in the draw, thus declaring the entire draw null and void.

An hour later UEFA reconvened to re-do the draw, and this time United naturally were drawn against Atletico Madrid. It’s the first time the two have faced each other since the second round of the 1992 UEFA Cup Winners Cup when Atletico defeated United 4-1 on aggregate.

United go from facing a team that defends with seven men to a team that sits back, defends ferociously, and adds a little bit of shithousery to the mix - all things United have struggled with in the past. Having said that, Ralf Rangnick has been in charge for less than two weeks so there’s no way of knowing what this side will look like when he’s had a further two months in charge.

It also should be noted the away goals rule is no longer in play for the knockout rounds of the Champions League. How that will effect the matches is anyones guess.