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Manchester United announce intent to “Modernise” Old Trafford with Fans’ Advisory Board involvement

Renovations to the legendary ground with supporter influence...

Manchester United v Aston Villa - Premier League Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Manchester United announced plans on Thursday to go ahead with seeking redevelopment, upkeep, and possible expansion plans for Old Trafford. The legendary football ground, known as “The Theatre of Dreams,” has not undergone serious renovation since the 2000s, and has been in need of certain repairs for some time. Now with recent legislation allowing for safe-standing areas, plans for renovation might not include just expansion and repair.

The club were also clear about their intent to involve the newly created Fans’ Advisory Board in any briefing and planning that takes place for renovations to Old Trafford. The group was created in the wake of massive protests after the brief life and death of the hugely unpopular European Super League, and will supposedly provide a clear representation of supporters and the local base of fans in major club decisions. The expansion of Old Trafford has led to controversial sectioning of the ground for corporate and private seating, so having fan voices heard in plans for future stadium planning could be influential in providing more common area seating.