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Manchester United target Sergio Aguero

Sounds like guff to me

Oh go on then
Photo by PAUL ELLIS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Manchester United are reportedly targeting Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero.

The 32-year-old Argentine spent his best years at the Etihad where he was doubtless paid in an entirely honest, upfront, and completely declared-to-HMRC manner despite not yet winning the Champions League or playing for a club with a global reputation.

He has now been told that he will not be offered the chance to stay at City, and had originally been expected to be moved on in Pep Guardiola’s first season but he eventually improved yet further and convinced the Catalan to keep him on. Now his contract is due to expire there is no chance of him staying further, which means that he could sign a pre-contract agreement with another club outside England now, or agree to a free transfer deal with any club in the summer.

A story in the Sun claims that United are keen on the player, and it would give Aguero the chance to remain in Manchester and not force him to uproot his life as it is. The one downside would be that he would then be required to play for Manchester United. Chelsea are also said to be keen, as are Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona, with more clubs likely interested in taking the player on for a couple of years.

United have asked Edinson Cavani to stay on for another season despite failing to settle in England, so there would be some sense in allowing the Uruguayan striker to leave if they know they are able to bring in Aguero instead. It would also allow United to focus their transfer spending elsewhere, which would be useful because they need a new goalkeeper, right back, two central defenders, left back, midfielder, right wing, left winger and striker before the start of the new season.