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Player Ratings: Crystal Palace 0-0 Manchester United


Crystal Palace v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Sebastian Frej/MB Media/Getty Images

Player ratings from whatever that was.


Dean Henderson: 8/10

Huge save on Van Aanholt late in the exact situation David De Gea has been culpable recently gives credence to the idea that United would have lost with the Spaniard in there.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka: 5/10

Not sure how he let Van Aanholt get through at the end. Got forward well but just whipping in crosses is never going to be very effective.

Eric Bailly: 4/10

Reckless challenge lead to Fred giving away a free kick. On the ball... woof. Someone needs to let him know he can pass to players not named Maguire.

Harry Maguire: 5/10

The haters will remember the awful pass to Bruno early in the first half. They’ll forget the other good things he did in the first half when Crystal Palace were playing well. Completely silent in the second half.

Luke Shaw: 6/10

Manchester United’s only bright spot. You can’t rely on him to carry the team.

Fred: 4/10

He tried some ambitious forward passes and I can’t recall a single one that was actually completed.

Nemanja Matić: 5/10

Covered the defense well and was the only midfielder who really tried to drive forward with the ball. Obviously it didn’t work because he’s not good at that, but he was the only one with the right mentality.

Bruno Fernandes: 3/10

Oh he played in this game?

Mason Greenwood: 4/10

Failed to really make an impact. Not sure why he never really interchanged with Rashford.

Marcus Rashford: 3/10

If he saw two defenders in front him there was a 100 percent chance he’d try to dribble through them. Never successful. Fans tout his goal record but seem to forget how often he disappears in these types of games.

Edinson Cavani: 2/10

Great movement in the box, but what does that matter if you can’t get the ball near the box? “Well at least the other forwards will learn to move like him,” we keep saying as we keep watching Rashford and Greenwood remain stagnant. Cavani continues to offer nothing in buildup play and against a deep block, you need all 10 outfield players contributing. Got a poachers chance early and missed it of course. At least Dan James is learning to move in the box.


Scott McTominay: N/A

I still cannot understand how he didn’t shoot that ball right after coming on.

Dan James: N/A

Ran around well and somehow was the only player to get open in the box on a cross. Not what you want.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: 2/10

Hard to pin this all on him. Injuries meant he didn’t really have much choice with the starting XI and suddenly you’re looking at a team completely devoid of creativity. Looked a lot like last season when Paul Pogba was hurt. Two risk-averse midfielders, no creativity from the wings, and no options to come off the bench. United have good players but every one of them have very obvious limitations and those are all going to be exposed when the players who help cover those limitations are out.