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Player Ratings: Manchester City 0-2 Manchester United


Manchester City v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Peter Powell - Pool/Getty Images


Dean Henderson: 8/10

Nice performance in David De Gea’s absence. Alert whenever City managed to get through the Red wall, and made some nice saves. Great distribution leading up to Shaw’s goal as well.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka: 8/10

Raheem Sterling played today? Huh, guess I didn’t see much of him.

Victor Lindelof: 8/10

Put in a good shift with Bailly breathing down his neck for the starting role. Kept goal side of the play often, and was well organized with Maguire.

Harry Maguire: 9/10

Maguire’s best outing in some time. Kept things organized at the back, read play well, and pushed the ball forward.

Luke Shaw: 10/10

Best left-back in the league, don’t @ us.

Fred: 7/10

Not his most influential outing, but was up for the occasion with hard working defensive play. Undefeated at the Fredtihad, send tweet.

Scott McTominay: 6/10

Again, not an influential performance from midfield but helped out on the back end.

Bruno Fernandes: 8/10

Hard working, converted a penalty in the opening minutes, and did very well to provide extra cover in midfield. Was stuck building up from the back most of the game, but important nonetheless.

Daniel James: 6/10

Today his work rate made up for his shortcomings on the ball and in transition. Put in a good shift against a tough opponent, but still not great making decisions on the break.

Marcus Rashford: 7/10

See above for work rate. Could have done better on the break at times, but managed to provide an assist and ease the pressure on the defense.

Anthony Martial: 8/10

Work work work. United’s front three didn’t get a lot of possession going their way, but with Martial leading the line they were able to ease the pressure quite a bit. Didn’t get a goal (despite getting a decent look), but won a penalty and provided good hold up play. Hopefully a sign of better form to come.


Mason Greenwood: 5/10

Didn’t make the most of chances going forward, but kept up the offensive work rate.

Nemanja Matic: 6/10

Conservative but useful substitution.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: 9/10

A nearly perfect outing from United. Perhaps a bit lucky to get ahead so early off of a poor tackle to win a penalty, but United were set up well enough that you’d believe they could have pulled it off regardless. Expert defensive performances, dangerous counter attacks, and surprising performances from players out of form. Solskjaer pulls it off across town yet again. Manchester United picked up a big 3 points, and closed the gap to 11 against Manchester City, but more importantly they pick up some much needed confidence.