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Manchester United figures react to Super League news

United legends and players have spoken


Unless you have been under a rock or have lost your internet for the past few days, you have missed one of the most polarizing decisions to hit the world of professional football in years: the proposed new breakaway Super League.

Several Manchester United players and legends have voiced their concerns on United joining the league, and they all agree: The “Super League” can do one.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Speaking to Reuters,

“Talk of a Super League is a move away from 70 years of European club football,” he told Reuters. “Both as a player for a provincial team Dunfermline in the 60s and as a manager at Aberdeen winning the European Cup Winners’ Cup, for a small provincial club in Scotland it was like climbing Mount Everest.

“I’m not sure Manchester United are involved in this, as I am not part of the decision making process,” he added.

“In my time at United, we played in four Champions League finals and they were always the most special of nights.”

At the time of those comments from Ferguson, it had not yet come out that United are not just “involved,” but among the leaders of this group.

Eric Cantona

“The fans are the most important thing in football. They have to be respected.

“Did these big clubs ask the fans what they thought about this idea? No, unfortunately, and that’s a shame.”

David Beckham

“I’m someone who loves football,” Beckham wrote in an Instagram post.

“It has been my life for as long as I can remember. I loved it from when I was a young child as a fan, and I’m still a fan now.

“As a player and now as an owner I know that our sport is nothing without the fans. We need football to be for everyone.

“We need football to be fair and we need competitions based on merit. Unless we protect these values the game we love is in danger…”

Bruno Fernandes

“Dreams can’t be bought”

Luke Shaw

Rio Ferdinand

Gary Neville

Marcus Rashford