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SIX things we want from Leeds United vs. Manchester United

We only want one thing, really


Manchester United travel to Elland Road on Sunday to face Leeds United in the Premier League. United beat Leeds 6-2 at Old Trafford in the reverse fixture this season, and Marcelo Bielsa’s side will be hoping for a closer contest this weekend.

Leeds are unbeaten in their last five league games, while United are the form team in the league with an unblemished five wins in five. United’s players also had the luxury this week of no commitments for club or country for the first time this season.

Whether Manchester United players, coaches, and fans can suspend their belief in this match after the fallout from the stupendously grubby Super League power grab remains to be seen.

Ed Woodward’s special brand of incompetence flew himself too close to the sun, even falling on his sword without maintaining any honour whatsoever with the continued spin and lies about his departure. And hastily wasted no time in trying to rewrite history before his own ink had even dried. Precious, much? Woodward lauded the achievement of overseeing spending one billion pounds on the Manchester United squad to win the Europa League, the FA Cup, and the League Cup in his resignation letter without any self-awareness.

Woodward has gone and, as such, the Glazers are vulnerable without their man in the firing line. Change is in the air; fans have had enough; the curtain has inadvertently been pulled back.

Here are six things we want from Leeds United vs. Manchester United.


Over to you, Joel.