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Player Ratings: AS Roma 3-2 Manchester United

Vintage De Gea performance


Here are the player ratings from Manchester United’s Europa League semi-final second leg loss to AS Roma.


David de Gea: 10/10

Even with the two away goals United scored their defending was so bad Roma could have easily scored enough to overturn that deficit. The xG said 4.47 but by my count Roma could have had seven or eight. Vintage De Gea performance. He’ll certainly start the final which will be a proper send off for such a great United servant.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka: 6/10

Yeah, he was okay.

Eric Bailly: 4/10

Physical, tremendous, erratic, awful passing. We got the full Bailly roller coaster today. Every time he plays we see how much organization Victor Lindelöf brings to the squad.

Harry Maguire: 4/10

Eric Bailly did him no favors tonight.

Luke Shaw: 6/10

Was okay. Alex Telles made him look way better though.

Fred: 6/10

Suffered from the “Pogba is my partner so they’re focused on shutting him down and letting me do everything” syndrome, as well as United not doing any defending at all.

Paul Pogba: 5/10

Didn’t do much.

Bruno Fernandes: 5/10

He was out there. Played more than he needed to because for a hot second in the second half it looked like this might be a game.

Mason Greenwood: 6/10

Liked his energy, liked his movement. Missed a sitter that could have really put this away though.

Donny Van de Beek: 5/10

Wasn’t bad, but wasn’t noticeable either. Didn’t take a shot (AGAIN). For an attacking midfielder who gets a higher percentage of touches in the box than Bruno, he really needs to shoot more.

Edinson Cavani 7/10

Weird game for him. Obviously had the two goals which were both great and put this away. Also missed a couple of sitters that could have put it away earlier. Continued to look really good with his buildup play though — so doing that and scoring goals is great.

Set Piece Defense: 0/10

I mean seriously??? It should have been 2-0 to Roma in the first four minutes. I know our set piece defending is bad but can you at least try??


Alex Telles: 0/10


Brandon Williams: 5/10

He was okay. He didn’t have to do much because Roma realized real quick that they’d create good chances if they just attacked Alex Telles.

Nemanja Matić: 5/10

Came in to provide some defensive stability which he did I guess. United quickly scored after he came in and then they were only undone by an Alex Telles own goal.

Marcus Rashford: N/A

Congrats, you successfully lobbied Ole to let you play today. When we were 2-1 down I kinda got it because we needed to re-grab control of that match, but once we made it 2-2 there was no reason for you to come on.

Juan Mata: N/A

Got a few minutes of run out at the end and I’m sure the entire fanbase was pissed off that it was Mata and not Amad.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: 4/10

You got a four goal lead and you got four games next week, you kinda have the freedom to do whatever you want. I expected a strong lineup because you did need to see this out, but this team very much did not do that. Really expected United to be organized and play a boring ass game and we got the complete opposite. Basically no defending ever (tbf in the second half we had three outta four regular defenders off). But you know what, who cares? You got through to the final which was the objective of the match. Nothing else matters.

Look, I watched the match from the pub, I was sitting far back from the TV and the camera angle at the Stadio Olimpico is terrible. Come at me in the comments. I don’t care. We’re going to the final. I’ll see you on the Gdansk floor.