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Manchester United Launches 2021/22 Home Kit

Manchester United’s new home kit has been unveiled

Paul Pogba modelling Manchester United’s 2021/22 Home Kit.

Manchester United have launched their official 2021/22 Home Kit. The first of the new kits to be released checks a lot of boxes for a home kit, and also features the new TeamViewer logo, the first kit since 2013/14 to be free of the obnoxious Chevy logo.

The look is a classic Manchester United look, with a full red and a white collar and sleeve trim. They owned the classic inspiration as well:

“Youth, Courage, Success” lines the inside of the collar, continuing a tradition of adding small tributes to the club’s history into its kits, and further promoting the ideals of the club that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has tried to revive in his time as manager. And with the home kit reveal out of the way, it won’t be long before a certain new young signing’s replicas hit the stores.

You can buy the new Manchester United Home Kit here.