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Cristiano Ronaldo wins FIFA Special Best Awards


The Best FIFA Football Awards 2021 Photo by Harold Cunningham/FIFA

FIFA announced the winners for The Best FIFA Football awards 2021* at a ceremony in Zurich Monday night.

With Robert Lewandowski taking home The Best Men’s Player of the year award, and Lionel Messi having won the Ballon d’Or last month, FIFA must have realized that getting shut out of the awards may be damaging to Cristiano Ronaldo’s precious ego. They were quick to rectify the situation by presenting him with the first ever** FIFA Best Special Award.

Ronaldo, who in several PR driven interviews this season has said all he’s focused on team success and not individual awards, naturally was on hand to accept the award in what was largely a virtual ceremony as his struggling United side were preparing to face off against Brentford less than 48 hours later. In fairness to Ronaldo, he still may not be fit to play in that match despite the club’s social media department going out of their way last week to tell us he’d be back for the Villa match.

As we all know, 2021 was far from an easy year despite Ronaldo’s 47 goals scored across all competitions. It’s expected this totally real and incredibly prestigious award will help him look back on the year more fondly as he called it “the pinnacle of my individual achievements.”

Ronaldo can now return to Carrington and bond with former Manager’s Player of the Year Scott McTominay over how they have the two most exclusive awards in football.

*Whoever came up with “The Best FIFA Football Awards” certainly doesn’t speak English as a first language
**And totally not made up
***I don’t actually care that he attended the event. He was in training Monday and I’m sure he’ll be there Tuesday. I’m not arsed about what players do in their free time