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Staff Takeaways: Chelsea 1-1 Manchester United

Some thoughts from the editor after yesterday’s draw...

Chelsea FC v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Colin- Wasted chances leave things to chance

United have got to start converting their chances.

A really promising first half performance could have made the difference for the Reds, with at least one clear chance wasted by Antony and a couple others Rashford failed to capitalize on. Chelsea did well to adjust and do better in the second half, but United still looked the better side.

It was the case against Tottenham and Newcastle as well, though Chelsea are certainly a tougher opponent defensively.

They’ll have more chances to make up for it in the coming games, as they exit a very difficult opening stretch of the season and make their way towards the World Cup. The forwards can’t keep misfiring though, and ten Hag will need to emphasize finishing or they risk building similar frustration to last season.

Casemiro has arrived

What a special way to score your first goal for the club.

It’s ridiculous to think one moment can help paper over some of the problems and misery so significantly, but a point rescued at the death really does have an impact. Especially when it’s a goal from a new signing who continues his evolution into one of the most important members of the team.

Casemiro needed some time to adjust to the team, and understandably so. He was such a vital piece of an elite Real Madrid midfield for such a long time, and his role was clearly not going to be the same at United, but he’s adapted and settled now.

And boy did United need him.

The club has been desperate for a reliable defensive screen in midfield for several years, and while Casemiro does come with some concern over longevity, he has raised the immediate floor of this team. That in itself is crucial, and if they can get five years of what we saw this past week out of him he’ll have been worth every penny.