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Player Ratings (Abridged): Manchester United 0-0 Watford

Ratings in after... that performance...

Manchester United v Watford - Premier League Photo by Ash Donelon/Manchester United via Getty Images

Here are some brief player ratings after the draw at home against Watford:


De Gea - 6/10

Nothing to do most of the game.

AWB - 7/10

Pretty good, missed a header.

Varane - 7/10

He kept clean sheet, but awful on ball.

Lindelof - 7/10

He kept a clean sheet.

Telles - 6/10

7 wasted his one good cross on an offside.

Matic - 8/10

It’s really a shame he doesn’t have legs anymore.

Fred - 7/10

Fred did Fred things.

Pogba - 9/10

Pogba f***ing balled out. Give him a real striker, please.

Bruno - 5/10

He didn’t yell at ref after potential penalty in box! Poor captain! Never win when he has armband! (everything but the finish performance for the most part, probably 6/10)

Elanga - 10/10

The kid balled out. Would be nice if he had a real strike partner)

Ronaldo - 1/10

All he does is bitch at his teammates and coaches when he can’t dribble or finish very simple chances. Stay onside one time, please.


Sancho- 6/10

Pretty good.

Rashford N/A


Shaw N/A

If we need a goal and we’re replacing Telles with Shaw, what the **** is the point of Telles?


Ralf 4/10 -

Play the good players. Stop playing 7.