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Manchester United Manager Community Poll results

Let’s take a look at the results…

Ajax Amsterdam - Tottenham Hotspur Photo by Marius Becker/picture alliance via Getty Images

Here’s a breakdown of the results from our recent set of polls.

Let’s start with the first poll.

No surprises here. We should get a good manager.

Most of you believe Mauricio Pochettino and Erik ten Hag are good managers.

However, a significant number of voters weren’t certain of Ten Hag’s credentials. More voters were certain of Pochettino’s credentials than Ten Hag’s. This suggests that Ten Hag’s reputation is clearly doing some lifting here. But on the whole, this is a positive.

Let’s look at some other results.

Most of you believe that Pochettino and Ten Hag are tactically good enough to compete against our rivals.

But more importantly, 26% of the voters did not believe those who followed Fergie were up to it tactically. 28% believed Van Gaal and Jose were, while 15% believed Van Gaal was.

Van Gaal was also voted the most tactically sound manager post-Fergie with 50% votes. Mourinho got 37% of the votes.

There’s clearly a lot of faith among fans in Pochettino and Ten Hag’s tactical application. Ten Hag; however, is seen as the tactically superior coach to Pochettino.

Again, this seems like a positive on the whole.

Let’s now look at their personalities.

There are only two good options here.

52% think Pochettino has the personality for this job and 17% think that even if he doesn’t, he’s a good fit for the club. 69% of the voters seem to be favourable of Poch.

51% think Ten Hag has the personality for this job and 33% think that even if he doesn’t, he’s a good fit for the club. 84% of the voters seem to be favourable of Ten Hag.

Among the post-Fergie brigade, Moyes got 12% of the favourable votes, Van Gaal got 46% of the favourable votes, Mourinho got 35% of the favourable votes and Solskjaer got 57% of the favourable votes.

The two candidates have done fairly well once again. Now, history is against most of the managers who came post-Fergie. This is obviously not the case for Pochettino or Ten Hag but we must remind ourselves that most of the managers post-Fergie are active today and doing a decent job at their respective clubs and national teams.

Let’s now do a little recap.

The majority think Pochettino and Ten Hag are good managers, who are tactically sound and fit Manchester United. There’s also enough in the votes to suggest that most voters think they’re better than those who’ve managed post-Fergie.

Only Solskjaer accumulated over 50% of the votes for one of the two broad categories that we’ve used to judge the managers.

Solskjaer was also voted the best manager at United post-Ferguson. Perhaps, the fit to United is more important than the manager’s distinct personality and tactics. If you have all three, you’re likely to do a better job than any of the managers post-Fergie. Most of you believe that Pochettino and Ten Hag have all three of those things.

So, not a lot can go wrong with this next appointment, can it?

Well, most of you were worried bout the current ownership and structure above the manager.

When asked if United have been successful under this ownership, most of you put that down to the genius of Sir Alex.

Some strangely refused to acknowledge that United had been extremely successful under Sir Alex in spite of the current ownership.

Concerns about the ownership and the structure of the club did not stop most of the voters from suggesting that Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp would find success at United.

Why might this be?

Most of you believed that they are great managers.

The insertion here is that United can find success once again if they hire a great manager.

Most voters did not believe that Mauricio Pochettino or Erik ten Hag are great managers.

However, there was great belief in Ten Hag’s potential. Less so in the case of Pochettino, who 38% of voters believed wasn’t even potentially a great manager.

Prior to this vote, there wasn’t much separating Pochettino and Ten Hag. In fact, Pochettino got more votes than Ten Hag when asked if he was a good/great manager. The margin was small, however.

Nothing in the polls so far could’ve suggested that Ten Hag would go on to be considered by most voters as the better manager by a significant margin.

Earlier in the set, most voters also believed that United should get the best manager available.

It is then simply a case of hiring Ten Hag then, is it not?

About that.

When asked who was the better manager between Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp, 67% of the vote went to Guardiola.

As displayed earlier, voters believed Guardiola and Klopp had a high chance of success if they were to take the hot seat at Old Trafford. We also learned that 83% of the voters believed Jurgen Klopp had a chance of being successful at United compared to Guardiola's 71%.

We also learned this.

We should remind ourselves that 29% of voters did not believe Guardiola would find success here and 33% believed Klopp is the better manager.

But that didn’t stop most of you from changing your vote when this question was repeated with a new option.

This was the final verdict:

So what did we learn?

The appointment of Manchester United’s manager is not going to be a democratic process and Miguel Delaney has a point when he tweeted this.

A poll by Gary Neville and UtdArena reflects the masses. The masses are often in the wrong. Readers of TheBusbyBabe might consider themselves more informed than the average United fan but that didn’t stop this set of polls from highlighting the incongruities in the votes.

One could argue United have already had great managers and some of them have done great damage. One could argue that United have spent almost as much as City in recent years and why Guardiola would achieve the same here or why Klopp needs Michael Edwards and United don’t have someone like that. Every poll result could be argued to the death.

But that wasn’t the point of these polls. Once all of the incongruities are put to the side, we get closer to acknowledging the credentials of the two managers and the task at hand.

Their credentials are good and the task is difficult but attainable. It’ll take a lot more than tactical sophistication and a grand personality to find success at the club. It’ll need money and joined-up thinking from those above the candidates. It might not be enough despite having all of those things. It’ll still need luck.

It’ll need your support. It’ll be easier to offer that with some clarity and I hope you found some after making your picks.

Thanks for voting.