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Rumor: Manchester United in talks over free agent Paulo Dybala

Where have we seen this before?

Juventus v Manchester United - UEFA Champions League Group H Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Manchester United linked with Christian Eriksen and Paulo Dybala? It must be the Summer of 2019...

Only rumors for now, but with his supposed deal with Inter Milan stalling it appears that Argentine forward Paulo Dybala and his people are considering their options, with Premier League clubs Arsenal and Manchester United taking part in the discussions. Dybala has spent most of his career scoring goals in Serie A, but after his contract expired at the end of an underwhelming spell at Juventus he might be considering his options elsewhere.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio and a few others, Manchester United are interested in submitting an offer for Dybala. Recent news of Cristiano Ronaldo’s desire to leave the club just a year on from the reunion has quickly put United in need of options at striker. As of now, Anthony Martial is the only other experienced striker in the squad with options from the Academy behind him. Marcus Rashford has played as a centre forward many times in his career, but it’s unlikely he’ll be an answer at the position under Erik ten Hag.

Dybala is 28 years old (29 in November) and while he is still clearly a very talented player it seems his best years are likely behind him. It wouldn’t be a desperate move for United to bring him in, though they are desperate for someone like him to help round out their squad. If the opportunity is there, they should take it so long as they don’t commit themselves to ridiculous wages. Dybala is still a good forward, United need good forwards. Even if he isn’t at the club five years from now he can offer something now, and United aren’t in much of a position financially to find a younger player with his skill for an affordable price this window.