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Player Ratings: Manchester United 4-0 Reading

Ratings in after the opening day win...

Manchester United v Reading - Women’s Super League - Leigh Sports Village Photo by Tim Markland/PA Images via Getty Images

Mary Earps - 7/10

Never really tested, but got to shout a bit as she loves to do.

Ona Batlle - 9/10

Absolutely vital to how this team attacks. Dominated the right hand side and made several chances for her teammates.

Maya Le Tissier - 10/10

Two goals and a clean sheet on her debut. Not sure I need to say much else.

Millie Turner - 7/10

Typically commanding, not much to do defensively though.

Hannah Blundell - 7/10

Had some nice deliveries going forward, but not as influential as Batlle. Most of the play ran through the opposite wing.

Hayley Ladd - 6/10

Did well filling in next to Zelem. Not very influential and not much to do defensively, but kept play in front of her.

Katie Zelem - 8/10

Pair of assists and a penalty conversion on her 100th appearance for the club. Good outing from the captain.

Ella Toone - 6/10

Nearly scored a couple times but couldn’t create the space for herself to put it on target. Looked lively but not quite as sharp as we’ve come to expect.

Lucia Garcia - 7/10

Could have scored a couple of times but didn’t fall her way. Helped her compatriot Batlle dominate the right wing and create chances.

Leah Galton - 6/10

Similar to Blundell, not super influential on the day and saw play mostly go through the opposite wing.

Alessia Russo - 8/10

Very sharp with her movement as well as finishing the fourth goal on the day to open her account for the season.


Adriana Leon - 6/10 Martha Thomas - 6/10

Both players looked influential and sharp after coming on, neither able to get too involved. Thomas had a half chance.

Nikita Parris - 7/10

Sharp and determined. Looked very lively after coming on, and tried to make things happen.

Vilde Boe Risa, Jade Moore - NA