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Manchester United 0-3 Bournemouth: [REDACTED]

What the hell was that...

Manchester United v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League Photo by Danehouse Photography Ltd/Getty Images

Manchester United suffered possibly their most embarrassing loss of the season, falling 0-3 to Bournemouth at Old Trafford on Saturday.

(*Homer Simpson voice: Most embarrassing loss of the season so far!)

It was abysmal, atrocious, whatever other adjectives you want to use. Boos from a rapidly emptying Old Trafford said it all at the end, and the worst may yet be coming.

Bournemouth’s early opening goal came from a bit of poor play in possession at the back from United. Reguilon looked for McTominay with a ball played to his midriff, and the press triggered instantly to dispossess the Scotsman. It led to a quick chance, which Dominic Solanke finished off well under pressure. He was able to steer a pass first time past Onana with Harry Maguire hanging on him, giving the visitors a 1-0 lead inside five minutes.

That would become United’s undoing.

All match United were sloppy building up, and the front three of Alejandro Garnacho, Anthony Martial, and Antony did their part as well in smothering chances up front. Most of United’s threatening moments in the Bournemouth box came from Scott second striker McTominay and the head of Harry Maguire, with Martial once again shying away from striker duties.

The results were predictable, with nothing going the Reds’ way in the attacking third and the visitors making them pay for their ineptitude in the second half.

Bournemouth found a second and third goal Philip Billing and Marcos Senesi on either side of the 70 minute mark, taking firm control against a United side that was simply flawed by design. Holes and persistent issues at every level contributed to the unraveling late, and changes were not made by Erik ten Hag to fix his own problems until the 79th minute when they were already 0-3 down.

Awful all around, again.

This is getting old, and with Bayern and Liverpool on deck this was a massive missed opportunity to buy some good grace before the major tests come, likely with bags of goals.