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The Busby Babe Podcast is no more

The Busby Babe Podcast, sadly, is no more.

Unfortunately ours was one of many podcasts impacted by the Vox Media cuts in January. However, the podcast will continue under a new name with the same hosts. Colin, Nathan, and Pauly will record independent of SB Nation under a new name, The Fergie Fledglings, which will be available on the same stream as before. If you followed or subscribed to The Busby Babe Podcast on your preferred podcast platform, that follow or subscription will still be valid.

The first episode under The Fergie Fledglings name is now streaming, and you can listen wherever you followed us before or here with this embedded link attached below.

Colin and Pauly are joined by old TBB editor Brent Maximin to discuss the Harry Kane rumors, Manchester United’s summer needs, and the return to Premier League action at the weekend.

Thank you for your continued support, and be sure to like, subscribe, and rate 5 stars!