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THE BUSBYS™: Manchester United 2022/23 End of Season Awards

Our own end of season awards for the 22/23 season...

Manchester United v Newcastle United - Carabao Cup Final Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Award szn babyyy!

That’s right, we’re back with THE BUSBYS™, the categories of which may or may not continue from season to season. It’s all about having fun here, and unlike last season we actually got to have some fun this season.

So let’s get on with it, and honor the recipients for the 2022/23 season.

The Busby Babe/Fergie Fledglings Podcast Most Criticized POTY: David De Gea

Congrats on taking that mantle from Mr. McTominay.

Even if Scott had played we’re not sure he would’ve kept the title from last season. De Gea was a constant source of error and possession turnover, highlighted by the defensive restructure around his weaknesses and the ongoing discourse around his “fit” within “Erik ten Hag’s system.”

And despite all of that he actually picked up his first Premier League Golden Glove award! Sexy! Great job!

So congrats to Dave on the extra silverware, and here’s to a smooth transition to whatever comes next.

Hey that worked out pretty better than I thought Award: Lisandro Martinez

With a name like “The Butcher of Amsterdam” you expect to get your money’s worth. Didn’t really expect him to be the best centre back in the team in year one.

The “He’s a f***ing great player, Youse are all f***ing idiots” of the Year: Luke Shaw

Let’s take a stroll down memory to the fall of 2020 when everyone celebrated the arrival of Alex Telles as it meant the end of Luke Shaw.

Similar sentiments were shared last summer when Tyrell Malacia arrived. “Malacia will start by Christmas” was a popular prediction and Shaw being dropped from the team after two games was met with loud cheers.

Yet once again here we are at the end of the season where once again whenever Shaw isn’t in the team his absence is painfully felt. Shaw added a new wrinkle to his game this year tucking inside and playing as a damn good center back (here’s to taking the next step and becoming Casemiro’s backup next season).

Here’s the most telling thing about Shaw this season. Tyrell Malacia has been very good left back, yet even when Shaw is playing at center back the team still badly misses the fullback version of him. The drop-off is that extreme.

Lee “Livin’ the Dream” Grant award: Tom Huddlestone

Yes, that’s right. You can look it up. No. 35, getting some training in as he works on his coaching badges.

Can’t decide if I’m disappointed or thankful he never had to make an appearance.

Honorable Mention: Tom Heaton

Can proudly say, “yes, I was a Manchester United player (again)” ....... then gets hurt in practice and never was heard from again ...... “Practice, we are talking about practice” - Alan Iverson

The Phil Jones Participation Award: Phil Jones

I am dying to know what blackmail pictures Jones had to still have a spot in the squad after his race was over four seasons ago. Yes, he served a purpose in the past, but how on earth did he manage to keep a place in this team after not contributing a thing in years?

Yes, Im jealous

Just think of the players that have left United, that actually played, all the while, Phil Jones still kept his spot and hasn't played in years ...... mind-boggling. Another indictment of the club’s squad planning.

Good Egg of the Year: Marcus Rashford

Always <3.

Isn’t the coach’s son supposed to play shortstop?: Donny van de Beek

Only playing 167 Premier League minutes before his injury against Bournemouth? Yikes. Things are not working out for Donny and even Erik Ten Hag sees it.

Backup quarterback of the year: Victor Lindelof

Do a twitter search of Lindelof’s name from August 2021 and you’ll find nothing but fans celebrating the arrival of Raphael Varane as the end of Victor Lindelof. Nothing has changed with Lindelof over the last few years other than his standing among the fanbase, Even some of Lindelof’s flaws - such as his extremely safe passing - are now celebrated as good traits for him. The way people talk about him now you’d think he’s one of the best defenders in the world, and it’s all simply because his name isn’t Harry Maguire.

“I can fix this award:” Casemiro

It’s probably not a good sign that one player could in fact fix the entire mess that was Manchester United but it was damn fun watching him do it.

“I love you but you are not serious people” award: Central midfielder Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen hardly did anything wrong this year. He’s an attacking midfielder shoe-horned into playing in a deeper role and it showed. An upgrade is badly needed.

The “Alex Telles award” for player we’d least like to see return from their loan: Alex Telles

Eric Bailly put up a valiant effort but Telles managed to edge him out.

The “Dean Henderson, I hate this place award”

Well, Dean Henderson. Has a chance to be the legit number one then gets covid. Loaned out, gets hurt, and has to return to United now...... and is still angry.