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Welcome to Every Manchester United Player, Ever

Join the Busby Babe as we attempt to make our way from Alf Ainsworth to Wilfried Zaha.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

This is a silly idea. It's also, probably, not an idea that will ever reach fruition: 891 players have appeared for Manchester United, and even if we managed to cover one a day, that would take us the best part of three years.

We will almost certainly not be covering one a day.

Still, nothing ventured, carpe diem, shoot for the moon, and all that. Here, then, will be short biographies of all the players to have played for Manchester United. Ever. In alphabetical order, ideally, though we reserve the right to break out from that order should any particularly pressing reason to do so present itself.

What we will not be doing: anything on players that are still at the club (since they're not done yet); anything on players that came through the youth system but never made a first team appearance (because we've plenty to be going on with); anything particularly analytical or overly serious. Sorry. You want George Albinson's heatmaps, you'll have to look elsewhere.

What we will be doing: going off on tangents; leaning heavily on Wikipedia; desperately trying to find ways of padding out the entries of those players whose United careers were brief and entirely unspectacular.

Be delighted if we make it to C, frankly. Onward!