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Every Manchester United player ever: George Albinson

Today, we take a quick look at the career of one of the select group of players to have played for both Manchester United and City. George Albinson didn't do quite as well as Carlos Tevez.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Alright, folks, things are getting serious now. Forget those two-appearance stalwarts; let's get down to basics. George Albinson played precisely one game for Manchester United. Sir, we salute your commitment to the principle of achieving something exceptionally rare and special for the minimum effort possible.

If you're going to play just one game, mind, it might as well be against Liverpool. On the 8th of January, 1921, Manchester United went to Anfield to play Liverpool in the FA Cup. They drew 1-1, and Albinson — an inside-forward — did not play. Four days later, the replay was held at Old Trafford. Albinson played, United lost 2-1, and that was it.

Was it all his fault? Obviously, we don't know. But yes, it definitely, definitely was, and he was punished appropriately. For his offences against the natural order of things he was exiled from the club and condemned to play for Manchester City, though he didn't do much better there; they let him go after three games. From there, he bounced to Crewe Alexandra, switched to half-back, captained the reserves to the Cheshire County League title, and eventually took over as captain of the first team. So, a happy ending for everybody.

Incidentally, when we stuck "george albinson manchester united" into Google Images, the 28th result was Abraham Lincoln. No idea why.

George Albinson (14 February 1897 - 3 May 1975)

1 appearance (1920/21), 0 goals, 0 honours