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Every Manchester United Player Ever: Arthur Allman

We're back with a look at the career of Arthur Allman, whose Manchester United career was cut short by World War One.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Welcome back to Every Manchester United Player Ever, which has returned after a long hiatus to resume its futile creep up this unscalable mountain. Previous entries in the series can be found here, but today's subject is Arthur Allman, and today's facts are these:

• Arthur Allman was born in Milton, Staffordshire, in December 1890;

• He was a fullback, back in the day when fullback meant "defender" rather than "bombing up and down one wing or other and taking throw ins";

• He signed for Manchester United in the summer of 1914, but didn't make his debut until February 1915;

• That debut was a 2-0 home win against Sheffield Wednesday. After that, he kept his place in the team, playing 11 of the next 13 league games as a fairly rubbish United side finished 18th in the First Division ...

... and we will never know where Arthur Allman's Manchester United career might have gone from there, because English football came to a halt as World War One gathered momentum. He played his wartime football for Stoke City and then, once the war was over and football was back, he was sold on to Millwall Athletic.

Incidentally, he was bought from Swansea Town, which means he both arrived from and left for clubs that subsequently changed their names. Millwall dropped the Athletic, perhaps because it sounded a bit genial, while Swansea (the football club) upgraded themselves from a Town to a City in 1969, when Swansea (the place) did the same. This gives his career a pleasingly Pro Evo appearance, if you ignore his spells at the persistently-named Shrewsbury Town and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Let's go with Shrewsbury Wanderers and Wolverhampton Town. That sounds better.

When he joined United, Allman's transfer fee was £150, nearly seventeen times less than the British record of £2,500 (Percy Dawson, from Hearts to Blackburn Rovers, since you're asking). The current record sits at £85,300,000 (Gareth Bale to Real Madrid, but you knew that) which, when divided by seventeen, is just over £5m. This means, in today's money, Allman is worth approximately one half of a James Tomkins.

While we're on the subject of today's money, £150 in 1914 is (when adjusted for inflation by this website which looks credible, not that we'd really know) £15,600 in 2016. Football is a very, very silly place.

* * *

Arthur Allman (24 December 1890-22 December 1956)

12 appearances (1914-15), 0 goals