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Manchester United 2018-19 Season Preview

Manchester United’s transfer failings highlight rift between Mourinho and Woodward

United’s manager and chief executive are not seeing eye to eye, and the result is a disappointing transfer window.

VOTE: 2018-19 Manchester United Season Preview and Fan Predictions

How will United do this season? Have your say.

Manchester United 2018-19 Season Predictions

Who will Mourinho bully the most? How far will United get in Europe? Read our predictions for the upcoming season.

Manchester United’s need for width requires compromise from Mourinho and Woodward

United’s vice chairman should get Mourinho the players he wants, but the manager must do a better job of working with the options he has.

Manchester United leave U.S. with more questions than answers

All is not lost, but this has been a difficult preseason

Manchester United’s pre-season woes hold little significance for the new campaign

United’s pre-season has been rubbish, but it doesn’t really matter

José Mourinho vs. The Glazers

Ahead of his third season at the helm, the Manchester United manager is going head-to-head with the club’s owners

José Mourinho’s Last Stand

The Manchester United manager appears increasingly miserable

Martial and Rashford need to take center stage for Manchester United next season

The prolific young attackers both endured long spells on the bench last season, and that needs to change.