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Manchester United: Analysis

Tactical Analysis: Casemiro gives Erik Ten Hag tactical flexibility

The Brazilian midfielder can’t do it all, but he can do most things...

Starting XI: Manchester United vs. Newcastle United

11 talking points as Manchester United face off Newcastle United in a six-pointer clash

3 Observations from Erik Ten Hag’s first interview as Man United manager

The new boss is here…

Tactical Analysis: What is Marcus Rashford?

What kind of player is Rashford, exactly? And what is his best position?

Tactical Analysis: Can making bad passes be a good thing?

Risks are actually good, and United need to take more of them

Tactical Analysis: Set piece defending emphasizes need for backups

United are good at defending set pieces when their first choice back 4 is on the pitch. When they’re not...disaster.

Tactical Analysis: Were United running everything through...Fred?

Fred was the unlikely midfield quarterback at Villa Park

Tactical Analysis: Reds have come a long way, but still have a ways to go

Recent results and improvements show United’s growth this season, but we were reminded of their shortcomings against Leeds

Tactical Analysis: Did Ole see where football was going?

Solskjaer had the vision

Manchester United Tactical Analysis: Organization, Freedom, and Celebrations

The contrasts between Solskjaer’s United and Mourinho’s Spurs were on full display on Sunday

Tactical Analysis: Greenwood shows he may be ready to lead the line

It was only a glimpse, but Greenwood may now be better fit than Cavani to lead United’s attack

Tactical Analysis: Necessary rotation brings about predictable result

Solskjaer couldn’t afford to rest key players before, and when he was forced to, the back-ups weren’t up to it

Loan Watch: Is James Garner good enough to break through at Manchester United?

We analyze the play of the next great midfield hope of the United academy

Tactical Analysis: Reds show signs of attacking patterns, but fail to execute

United like to improvise in open play (for better or worse), but

Tactical Analysis: Solskjaer out-thinks Guardiola yet again

For the third time in two seasons, Solskjaer had Guardiola’s number tactically

Tactical Analysis: Solskjaer’s conservatism in big matches isn’t anything new

Solskjaer has refused to be bold in big games, and the results continue to reflect that

Tactical Analysis: James and Matić step up against Newcastle

Nemanja Matić and Dan James have become quietly important once again

Tactical Analysis: Forwards need to carry more weight

Without Pogba, United lack creativity in midfield, and they need their forwards to pick up the slack

Tactical Analysis: Set piece and concentration problems rear their ugly heads again

United are once again giving away dumb free kicks, and paying for it

Tactical Analysis: Professional Reds take care of business

United may have gotten back on track after a stumble, but they need to kick on now

Tactical Analysis: Reds rewarded for bolder approach

For the first time under Solskjaer, United played their way against a top four rival and were rewarded for it

Tactical Analysis: Van de Beek shows his talent (and why he isn’t playing more)

Van de Beek is a good player, but he’s on a different wavelength to most of his teammates

Tactical Preview: Solskjaer faces his biggest test yet

Solskjaer has gotten the better of Guardiola before, but he needs to show that he can be bold

Tactical Analysis: The McFred midfield is holding the Reds back

McTominay and Fred provide energy in midfield, but at the cost of creativity

Tactical Analysis: Live by the sword, die by the sword

Against Leeds, Solskjaer took Bielsa’s preferred style of play and turned it against him

Manchester United Tactical Analysis: Why do United’s full-backs play so narrow?

Shaw and Wan-Bissaka often appear to be very narrow — that is by design

Tactical Analysis: The fire started in midfield

The blame for United’s shambolic defensive display on Tuesday lies in the middle of the park (and on the manager)

Tactical Analysis: Necessary squad rotation creates inconsistency

United’s topsy-turvy form is a byproduct of Solskjaer trying to keep key players fit and fresh

Tactical Analysis: Cavani’s subtle movement is key

Cavani’s movement is as crucial for United as his goals are

Manchester United Tactical Analysis: Not good, but not bad

United's limp win over West Brom wasn't quite the disaster we thought

Manchester United can’t be title-challengers because the squad isn’t fixture-proof

Solskjaer’s Reds lack critical balance, and as constructed, are built to be inconsistent

Tactical Analysis: Finding the balance between freedom and structure

United got the balance in midfield wrong in Istanbul, but got it right on Merseyside