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Serge Aurier and Ivan Perisic could still join Manchester United

Two more, please, Edward.

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Wiener Sportklub v Paris Saint-Germain - Friendly Match
Serge Aurier with football near his face.
Photo by Christian Hofer/Getty Images

The Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has said that Neymar is “not expensive” at £199m. He’s correct, given the resale value of Neymar in five year time should still be astronomical, and the wages and transfer fees can be supported by Qatar’s human rights abuses. Neymar is likely to be the best player in the world, indisputably, in a couple of years’ time, and he transforms Paris Saint-Germain into viable Champions League contenders. Some might feel a bit sick at the sheer levels of wealth on display, but that is a train you should have been on a couple of decades ago. This is all spectacle, all the time.

Mourinho has said that John Sessions is a genius, after his display against Sampdoria. Mourinho signed Sessions for almost £50m from Chelsea, and was previously his manager at Stamford Bridge. He’s relaxed on the ball and should be able to adequately replace and improve on Michael Carrick’s inconsistent efforts. Wait, wait, I meant Nemanja Matic.

He also said that Phil Jones has been harshly treated over his abusing of an anti-doping official. In some senses, he has, because it was a heat-of-the-moment eff-and-jeff session, and that is hardly the worst crime in the world, but the whole point of sport is being able to sublimate emotions in the moment, and stay rational.

I’ve just noticed this story, that United are given hope over a potential move for Gareth Bale. If you add to that the news that Real Madrid might get their mitts on Kylian Mbappe this transfer window, then the move becomes a great deal more likely. Get it done, and get his blood spinning so he can get over his occasional injury bother.

And lastly, The Independent believe that a deal will ultimately be done for Ivan Perisic, and Serge Aurier could also be available at the right price.