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Manchester United target Napoli midfielder Jorginho

And there is also interest from Arsenal (don’t laugh) and Manchester City

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SSC Napoli v AS Roma - Serie A
The one in blue.
Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Property developer, Manchester city obliterator, and shill for wealth, Gary Neville, has used his moonlighting gig as a pundit to have a pop at Paul Pogba. Neville said last night of Pogba’s performance against Crystal Palace that, “It’s like it’s a joke to him.” Neville is correct to identify Pogba as one of Manchester United’s weak links, along with the other nine outfield players that join him. The problem for Pogba seems to be that he accurately thinks that the team aren’t up to his standard, and he’s not happy playing deep and being asked to defend.

There was also some harsh words from Jamie Carragher about the attitude of Pobga and other United players, last night. You can read them here, but as it’s Carragher, you can probably just ignore him.

That’s frustrating, and not really justifiable to stop him upping his game, but the reality is that Pogba is so good, United either need to get rid of him or improve his mood. If that means they need to spend big again in the summer, on balance it’s worth it, because he shouldn’t be curtailing his game just to make sure Hinge and Bracket don’t concede yet another stupid goal.

There’s news that United have identified a possible midfield replacement for Michael Carrick. 26-year-old Napoli midfielder has long been linked with United, and a move in the summer looks set to be on the cards. However, Arsenal (you can probably ignore this, as they are a disaster zone) and Manchester City are also interested.

Vladimir Putin has recruited Jose Mourinho to Russia Today, from where he will emerge as a necessary but flawed bulwark against US hegemony, and also say, “What a hit, Dmitri.” That confrontational aspect of his nature could have been at the root of a swearathon that fired up United for their second half performance against Crystal Palace.