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Ronaldo speaks out on Real Madrid contract situation

Cristiano Ronaldo has taken to Twitter to confirm that he has not renewed his Real Madrid contract.

Harold Cunningham

Cristiano Ronaldo has taken to Twitter to refute news of a contract renewal with Real Madrid.

The former Manchester United man tweeted the following this afternoon:

What could it all mean Well, of course, we could read plenty in to this. Is he making himself available for a move Is he continuing the contract wrangling It doesn't really tell us any more than what we knew, except that, whether this is one or the other, it's serious.

Of course, it's well worth pointing out that Ronaldo isn't Darren Bent - he doesn't take to Twitter to air his grievances, with his account usually a very dry, agent-approved mix of advertising and 'great game last night!' platitudes. In the context of reports this morning from the British press claiming Real Madrid were moving for Gareth Bale, and United were hopeful that it would give them a green light to go after Ronaldo, this is probably good news. But just because it's come direct from the player doesn't mean he's exactly burned his bridges.