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Manchester United given double Thiago boost - report

A new report in the Daily Mirror claims that Thiago's father has told his son he should join Manchester United, while his brother could also be headed to the North-West.

Alex Grimm

Thiago Alcantara's dad has advised him to move to Old Trafford, according to a new report in the Daily Mirror.

The report also claims that his brother, Rafinha, also at Barcelona, will be sent out on loan to a Premier League club. Everton is the destination suggested by the paper, who say that Thiago, Rafinha and his father will all live together in the North-West of England.

So, more good news, and more signs that this is on the way. The story isn't exactly earth-shattering, and not too different from what we've heard in the past few days, but no news is probably bad news with this deal, so it's comforting to see if nothing else.

Thiago himself has headed on holiday, although it's doubtful that would prevent any business from being wrapped up. Barcelona seem determined to drag this one out, but we still could see a resolution sooner than later.

Oh, and one last thing - don't believe the "Thiago will sign tomorrow" Twitter rumours. They stem from a fake account with 108 followers. Yes, depressingly, that's all it takes these days.