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Thiago latest: Midfielder "wants to join United", but nothing has changed

The latest news on Thiago is, basically, that there is no news.

Alex Grimm

We were promised an update on Thiago from GOAL today, and we got it. The news is... that Thiago will tell Barcelona that he wants to join Manchester United. has moved on somewhat from the days of teenagers throwing darts at a list of names and clubs. This comes from Wayne Veysey, who is reasonably well-connected and thought of. This story, however, is... well, it's not news. It's something that was already known and reported being presented as an update, when it isn't.

Everybody and his dog has reported that Thiago is going to tell Barcelona he wants to sign for Manchester United. The problem has always been the prospect that Barcelona would make one last effort to convince him to stay, or another club would come in to gazump us. On that note, over to Miguel Delaney.

So, there's a more likely picture. It's in the hands of the deity of your choice now. All there is to do is wait. As for the possibility of another club swooping in on the deal, we discussed that last night. It's possible, but we don't think it's likely to come from Bayern Munich or Real Madrid.