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Reporter on MUTV: Thiago's United move "all in place"

James Ducker, of the Times, appeared on MUTV earlier and stated that he believed that Thiago's transfer to Manchester United was all in place.

Alex Grimm

James Ducker, of the Times, appeared on MUTV today and told viewers that Thiago's move to Manchester United was "all in place."

Ducker was appearing on United in Press, a show on Manchester United's official TV station which discusses the goings-on in the media surrounding the club. Ducker primarily covers the Manchester clubs, and is believed to be pretty well-connected on this particular issue, and has been following the Thiago story since it's inception.

Asked about the move, Ducker said: "I think it's all in place. If he [Thiago] gives the green light he'll be a United player."

While this isn't too much new information, it at least confirms that we're still in the lead to get this wrapped up. What's questionable is his choice of words, since it throws open the possibility that player rather than club is holding up the deal. While the meeting between Thiago and Barcelona has been widely reported, we still don't know when it'll take place - probably at some point next week, but we don't know how long Thiago's on holiday for.

It seems like it might be a bit of both - Thiago wanting to drag things out until next week just to evaluate all his options. For reasons we've discussed elsewhere, it's unlikely anyone can match United on this one in terms of both wages and guaranteed playing time at a high level, so it's no surprise that United are still said to be confident of getting the deal done. I was hopeful this wouldn't drag on into July, but we'll have to see. Whatever the outcome of the meeting next week, things will probably be wrapped up pretty swiftly afterwards.