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Thiago delay revealed: Midfielder demands contract clause to finalise United move

One of the reasons for the delay in the Thiago transfer is down to the midfielder demanding a similar playing time clause he was on at Barcelona, according to Graham Hunter.

Alex Grimm

The Thiago deal has stalled somewhat of late, and one of the reasons for it could be interesting. According to Graham Hunter, the midfielder has demanded a similar clause in his Manchester United contract as he has at Barcelona, whereby he would be allowed to leave for free if he didn't play a certain number of games.

Apparently, Giovani Dos Santos' time spent languishing at Tottenham Hotspur is one of the reasons his family have demanded the move, as they know the family well. Over to Hunter:

So, there you have it. This shouldn't be reason to panic - we should guarantee him these games if he asks for it. United haven't had anywhere near the problems bringing through youngsters that Spurs have, and if he can't break into our current midfield then he'd have to be a pretty poor player. I don't see this as any reason we should be allowing the deal to hold up, so hopefully it won't be.